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Exploration Experiences

Beginning in 2017, Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow Exploration Experiences will offer students the opportunity to utilize formal education skills in hands-on experimental learning experiences. These “Experiences” will give high school students the opportunity to see firsthand the techniques and skills that were learned in the classroom being applied in a real-world setting, allow them to engage in STEM learning through agricultural-focused areas all while exploring potential career opportunities and cultivating a network of industry professionals. 

“Exploring the Bovine from the Outside In” 

Date: Friday, May 26, 2017

Time: 9:00AM – 2:00PM

Jared Risser, “Exploring the Bovine from the Outside In” Program Facilitator

Location: Meadow Vista Dairy
166 Risser Road, Bainbridge, PA 17502

Program Focus: Large Animal Veterinary Medicine

Participation Requirements:

  • Students must be in grades 10-12

  • Possess a strong understanding of biology, anatomy and physiology

  • Display a genuine interest in the dairy industry

All students will be required to sign a waiver stating their agreed participation. 

Overview of Program: 

Jared Risser, who will graduate from Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine in May, will lead the Exploration Experience before he joins the team at Dairy Veterinary and Management Services in Indiana. Risser will encourage students to apply their fundamental understanding of biology, anatomy, and physiology to the bovine species through both live animal and post-mortem examinations. Students will be able to witness how common diseases of cattle manifest, how they can be treated and how cattle vary from other mammalian species in terms of digestive anatomy. Attendees will also learn animal health from the perspective of a veterinarian and how veterinarians decide upon treatment recommendations.

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