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Curriculum Overview

The Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow curriculum includes three courses. Below are courses as well as the eight lessons that are in each lesson. To access the complete course material and lessons, you must register.

Introduction to Dairy: Course Objectives

Lesson 1: What is the Dairy Industry?
Lesson 2: Historical Events Impacting the Dairy Industry
Lesson 3: Designing a Dairy
Lesson 4: Dairy Cattle Breeds 101
Lesson 5: What Jobs are Available in the Dairy Industry?
Lesson 6: From Farm to You
Lesson 7: What are Dairy Cooperatives and Classes of Milk?
Lesson 8: Marketing Dairy Products and the Dairy Industry

Introduction to Dairy Herd Management: Course Objectives

Lesson 1: What to Manage on a Dairy Farm
Lesson 2: How is a Milking Parlor Managed?
Lesson 3: Balancing a Cow’s Diet
Lesson 4: Arranging a Dairy
Lesson 5: Monitoring Herd Health
Lesson 6: Dairy Reproduction
Lesson 7: How are DHIA Records Interpreted on a Dairy Farm?
Lesson 8: Conservation is Key

Introduction to Dairy Farm Business Management: Course Objectives

Lesson 1: What financial information is needed to successfully manage a dairy business?
Lesson 2: What are the business structures available to Dairy Farms?
Lesson 3: How can I Interpret Dairy Financial records?
Lesson 4: What Other Factors affect Dairy Farm Profitability?
Lesson 5: What are the Areas of Financial Risk on a Dairy Farm?
Lesson 6: What Risk Management Tools are Available to Dairy Farm Managers?
Lesson 7: How is a Business Plan Created?
Lesson 8: What is my Ideal Dairy Business?

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